european poetics

Exhibition titles tend to be straightforward and dry, but the late, great Harald Szeemann made a point of creating titles for his exhibitions that were just as poetic as the artworks on display. I understand wanting to avoid the impulse that you are on a creative plane equal to artists, but that doesn’t mean you have to title the exhibition like it was your (probably) boring Master’s thesis.

“Works, concepts, processes, situations, information (we consciously avoided the expressions ‘object’ and ‘experiment’) are the ‘forms’ through which these artistic expressions are expressed.”

Some of my favorite Szeemann titles include:

Austria in the Net of Roses
I Want to Leave a Nice Well-Done Child Here
Blood and Honey
When Attitudes Become Form: Live in Your Head

Surprisingly ornate titles from recent exhibitions:

The Quick and the Dead, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA                    The Ice Cream Show, Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden                                                         And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

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