should you virgin suicide?

Flying home for the Thanksgiving holiday, I had to prevent myself from taking anything contemporary art-related with me on the plane because I knew that even if I told myself that reading Discipline and Punish was for pleasure, I would inevitably start thinking about my day job.

Instead, I picked up some easy reading, a magazine and a book that was turned into a movie. Maybe you’ve heard of it. The movie was directed by Sofia Coppola. No, not Lost in Translation – was that even a book? This one had Kirsten Dunst in it. No, not Marie Antoinette. Why would I have wanted to watch that and no, that wasn’t based on a book. I understand that it was based loosely on the life of the queen of France, but that’s not a book. That’s history of some sort and even though I understand that there are history books, I’m saying that I read a book over Thanksgiving that was based on a novel. A novel of popular literature. “How is it popular literature if I haven’t read it?” OMG, how old are you? Oh, nevermind, you’re making me all too aware of my age. Your parents probably didn’t allow you to see the movie when it came out. You don’t even know what cellulite feels like on your still skinny thighs. I’m gonna hang out with Kirsten Dunst right now so that we can go feel old together.

We knew, finally, that the girls were really women in disguise and our job was merely to create the noise to fascinate them.

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2 Responses to should you virgin suicide?

  1. meg says:

    marie antoinette WAS actually based on a book, a horrible historical romance sold as a legitimate novel to thirty-something women who love watching the tudors but pretend it’s cos they have a real thing for history. the author is a lady named antonia fraser, whom i hate hate, on account of every book she writes having a lady with no head and a skirt covered in fake gilding on the cover. or is that phillipa gregory? they’re all terrible.

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