WANTED: Kathy Dillon

Kathy Dillon is best-known as Vito Acconci’s partner in performance works from 1970-1972. No one – not even Acconci – knows where she now resides or even what happened to her after she, a poet and artist, and Acconci broke up in the 1970s. If you have any information regarding the brilliant Dillon, let  me know.

Here she stands behind Acconci in the performance Applications (1970), a work that involved Dillon, Acconci, and artist Dennis Oppenheim. Dillon covered Acconci’s arms and legs with lipstick-stained kisses which Acconci then proceeded to transfer – or, to be blunt, hump – onto Oppenheim’s back in a very vivid fashion. Acconci later recalled, “And I remember Dennis afterward saying, ‘I had no idea the work was going in this direction!’ We thought this was about color transfer. Wasn’t about color transfer.”

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2 Responses to WANTED: Kathy Dillon

  1. peter says:

    I last saw Kathy in the late 70s. She was living with a man called Tommy Murphy in Park Slope. She was a friend of Grace Murphy, Tommy’s sister.

  2. Ø says:

    Thanks, Peter. Someday we will solve this mystery!

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