overheard on the scene

Okay, now, I know it’s early, but prison tattoos! No one else would put on a show about these things and—it’s such a smart concept! Really, these things are communal, or, uh, about community, and they’re not meant to be pretty, they fade quickly, and are often symbolic.

Maybe the next show, but don’t you need to focus on the gallery for tonight?

Sure, yeah, but, well—you know this is between us—I’m not happy with what _____ has given us. And I just want it to be over. I want to like him, that beautiful boyish man, but he’s been taking his time, asking for changes on the stupidest things, like the color of white on the crystalline-shaped pedestals we made, like he’s a fucking star, but this isn’t even New York—

OK I get it, but can talk about this later? I need to drink a lot of this before I run over to the Contemporary. Anyways, I’m sure the show will look great. You just need to deal with _____. Just tell him to stop being such a fag the next time he gets on your nerves.

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