i guess this means i'm okay

Alex McLeod, Jolly Ranch, 2009, from “No More Worlds” at Concertina Gallery.

Time Out Chicago’s Top Art and Design Shows of 2009: Art Galleries

“Amy Casey: Uncertain Times” at Zg Gallery
“Audrey Niffenegger: The Night Bookmobile” at Printworks
“Corey Arnold: Fish-Work” at Andrew Rafacz Gallery
“Dagmar Varady: Redden” at devening projects + editions
“Ed Flood: Constructions” at Corbett vs. Dempsey
“John Chiara | Sean McFarland” at Swimming Pool Project Space
“No More Worlds” at Concertina Gallery
“Public Works” at Andrew Rafacz
“Robyn O’Neil: On Sinking” at Tony Wight Gallery
“Spencer Finch: Light, Time, Chemistry” at Rhona Hoffman Gallery


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