Another guest post from the Gallerina with a Heart of Gold:

There’s a thin line between being a sleazy photographer (Terry Richardson) and a hotographer. What makes photographers sexier than other artists at work today, particularly in our post-medium environment? In the 1970s, the sexy artist award went to sculptors and even Rosalind Krauss could not resist them, having a fling with Robert Morris. Who could help themselves when confronted with Morris’ cold steel and warm felt?  Maybe those of us involved in the arts are just vapid and vain. The Narcissus in all of us wants a Salon-worthy portrait that would make Courbet proud.

But why do photographers currently hold the sexy artist prize? Sculptors and installation artists are too scattered, unable to get a grasp on life, and video and performance artists are none too subtle about their vanity, putting the camera on themselves.  However, it is easier to be a sleazy photographer (again, Terry Richardson) than a hotographer.

These tips will help you to keep your hotography practice hot, not sleazy:

1)  Do not look to American Apparel as a basis for your photography.

2) If you like a girl and want to take her photo, don’t make her take her clothes off. At least not until you’ve taken photos of her with her clothes on. This isn’t even Feminism, it’s just etiquette. I don’t think you would ask an art dealer to do the same thing on his or her first studio visit.

3) Don’t carry a camera around with you in public. You will look like a tourist, the perennial outsider looking for the perfect shot of the Other.

4) Large format = sexy. Polaroid = quirky.

5) Remember this Baudrillardesque maxim: “The still image is where history and the present collide.”

6) For as many photos you take of skinny, beautiful people, make sure to balance these with situations of despair.

Who are your favorite hotographers?

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