interview preview

Excerpt from an upcoming essay for that includes a short interview with the curator Sid Sachs, Director of the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia:

Q: Why do you think there’s so much interest right now in art of the 1960s?

A: I think it is cyclical. It is now long enough that the artifacts have been fully codified into a canon and now young researchers (and dealers) are looking for other avenues to approach the art of that period. As the artists pass away, foundations establish databases which allow for easier access. Collections of previously marginalized works such as the Silverman Fluxus collection for example, can be purchased by or donated en masse to museums. The period can now be looked at literally from a historic distance.

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  1. urbanflea says:

    great interview, thanks for sharing! and thank you so much for the comment over at urban flea, see you at concertina!

    xo urban flea 🙂

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