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black & white lace

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unpacking my library – all of it

Process and art—the two are unavoidably interwined in instances that show traces of the artist and the time it took him or her to complete a lengthy and nuanced project—think about Eva Hesse’s willowy and bent fiberglass sculptures that now … Continue reading

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the 90s

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As this summer’s current heat wave descends upon my city and bears down upon my pale shoulders, I think about how I wish I didn’t need to wear any clothes at all when I go outside. If only I were … Continue reading

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it's a long one

Marianne Boesky, Yellow and gold ghosthead guide that will bring you to the Ghosthead god, you can only visualize the guide when you have entered a Monsterhead, and you will first have to be serene enough to be able to … Continue reading

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“In other words, the very fact of incessant ‘rewriting of the past’ attests to the presence of a certain gap, to the efficacy of a certain traumatic, foreign kernel that the system is trying to reintegrate ‘after the fact.’”

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According to an interview between Francesco Bonami and Hans Ulrich Obrist in TAR MAGAZINE, Bonami claims that the younger curator  has published over 300 books, is addicted to drinking dozens of espressos per day, and hates standing. I think I’m … Continue reading

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the body as the entire world

Joanna Newsom’s February 2010 release on Drag City Records, Have One on Me, is no longer new news, but given the length of the album—its 18 tracks clock in at two hours—it requires a long, simmering listen. The album’s widespread … Continue reading

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ART PAPERS excerpts

Excerpts from exhibition reviews of the Soap Factory and Midway Contemporary Art in the May/June 2010 issue of ART PAPERS (At the time, I must have been preoccupied with fragility, performance, and fantasy.): Language feels awkward, an ill-formed means of transcendence … Continue reading

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