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black & white lace


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unpacking my library – all of it

Process and art—the two are unavoidably interwined in instances that show traces of the artist and the time it took him or her to complete a lengthy and nuanced project—think about Eva Hesse’s willowy and bent fiberglass sculptures that now … Continue reading

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the 90s

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As this summer’s current heat wave descends upon my city and bears down upon my pale shoulders, I think about how I wish I didn’t need to wear any clothes at all when I go outside. If only I were … Continue reading

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it's a long one

Marianne Boesky, Yellow and gold ghosthead guide that will bring you to the Ghosthead god, you can only visualize the guide when you have entered a Monsterhead, and you will first have to be serene enough to be able to … Continue reading

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“In other words, the very fact of incessant ‘rewriting of the past’ attests to the presence of a certain gap, to the efficacy of a certain traumatic, foreign kernel that the system is trying to reintegrate ‘after the fact.’”

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