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the body as the entire world

Joanna Newsom’s February 2010 release on Drag City Records, Have One on Me, is no longer new news, but given the length of the album—its 18 tracks clock in at two hours—it requires a long, simmering listen. The album’s widespread … Continue reading

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ART PAPERS excerpts

Excerpts from exhibition reviews of the Soap Factory and Midway Contemporary Art in the May/June 2010 issue of ART PAPERS (At the time, I must have been preoccupied with fragility, performance, and fantasy.): Language feels awkward, an ill-formed means of transcendence … Continue reading

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on writing

Usually, I hesitate to say that art writing has rules, but there are some glaring mistakes that should be avoided or else your writing will, at the very least, lack conceptual heft and make you seem unaccustomed to writing about … Continue reading

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interview preview

Excerpt from an upcoming essay for that includes a short interview with the curator Sid Sachs, Director of the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia: Q: Why do you think there’s so much interest right … Continue reading

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Instead of reclaiming the commodity as a gesture towards the personal and specific or altering it into an absurd hyperbole, once these artists intervene with a pre-made cultural object, the works just break, like a hot glass shattering onto itself. … Continue reading

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Radiohole's Whatever, Heaven Allows at the Walker Art Center

Sometimes it’s better to be succinct rather than garrulous. Here is my review: Radiohole is Brechtian, but they’re trying too hard. Trying too hard, like my younger cousin in Connecticut who is already pretty, but aims at looking like one … Continue reading

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Stillness is the Move: Alex Fleming, The lace curtains of his apartment

Alex Fleming, The lace curtains of his apartment November 20, 2009 – January 9, 2010 Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis, MN “Stillness is the Move” Alex Fleming’s first exhibition in Minnesota took place at one of the city’s non-profit art centers, … Continue reading

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